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west_wing_fans's Journal

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West Wing
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A community for anyone who is a fan of the TV show, the West Wing.


Rules of the Community:

  • Any post commenting on a new episode must be put behind a cut until one week following the original airdate. This way, people who couldn't catch it as it airs won't be accidentally spoiled. (See below for spoiler definitions)

  • One-line posts similar to "OMG SQUEEE!!!" will be deleted if posted to the main community. Such comments are more than welcome in Josh's Chalkboards. (See below for more on Josh's Chalkboards)

  • No marquees. Ever. They crash some people's computers/browsers.

  • No massive text unless you put it behind a cut, and even then, use discretion. If your post contains headings, making the headings a bit larger is fine. But use common sense and proper netiquette.

  • Do not use different font colors or types in your posts. No one likes to see neon pink text on their friends page.

  • Posting pictures is fine, but if you post an image that is wider/taller than 300 pixels and/or larger than 100kb, please put it behind a cut. Common courtesy.

  • If you use excessive swearing in your post, please put it behind an LJ-cut. This is a kid-friendly and work-friendly community - let's keep it that way. =)

  • Off-topic posts will not be tolerated. More on this can be found here.
** We'll be adding rules as necessary... if you have any questions, ask a mod.


  • What is a spoiler?
    There are two types of spoilers:
    1. specific episode comments-Some of us are lucky enough to be able to watch the show as it airs the very first time. Others may be in a different time zone or they may have to tape it and watch it later for whatever reason. Anything about a new episode, no matter how minor, can spoil people who weren't able to see the very first run.
    2. Casting/Upcoming information-Some people go to great lengths to avoid learning about an episode before it airs. This includes things shown in televised promotional spots and things mentioned in news/entertainment articles

  • What in the world is a "Josh's Chalkboard?"
    The original post describing Josh's Chalkboard can be found here. We tested it for several episodes, and it seemed to go over quite nicely. Here are pertinent (and now permanent) bits:

    Every week, a few posts titled "Josh's Chalkboard" (named after the chalkboard that never left his TWW Office) will be posted. These posts will include the episode title and are for general chatter and one liners about the episode. There will be one Chalkboard for chatter as the episode is airing (posted shortly before the show airs) and one for after-episode chatter (posted after the show airs, so the post isn't buried)

    THAT SAID: You may certainly start your own thread after the episode airs, but it must be behind a cut for the week following the episode and include substantial ideas, questions, or theories that you want to discuss with other clever people like yourself. If your post is a question about what people thought, provide your own opinion in the post as well (Not: "What did you think of blah?" The end).

  • Where Can I Find: transcripts, songs, screen caps, episodes, and other West Wing related things? Click here to find out!

  • Can someone send me last night's episode? No. Downloading episodes is technically illegal, and providing information on how to do that is against community policy, as well as LJ policy. I'm sure if you email a member, they can tell you, but we can't do that for you here. Terribly sorry.

    UPDATE: Apparently Bravo is airing current episodes on Monday evenings following the normal NBC Sunday-night airing. Check your local listings, blah blah blah. =)

* The rest of the FAQ section is coming soon. If you have suggestions, please email erdufylla or post them in the community.

Special Thanks:
* Special thanks go to charlie_bear for giving us 12 months paid time on 5/1/05! You rock, good sir.

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