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Taking Out the Trash for the period ending Apr 11, 2015

The War At Home, or, what the President can do in the White House & what staffers can do are two very different things.
The X-Files nearly ended its run with a West Wing crossover.
7 reasons that pedeconferencing is good for you, both personally and professionally.
25 facts about the show.

Senior Staff
A trailer has been released for Martin Sheen’s new Netflix series, Grace and Frankie.
What Rob Lowe’s alter egos can teach about false advertising.

Everybody Else
John Goodman (GlenAllen Walken) has a tendency to play politicians.
Christian Slater’s (Lt. Cmdr. Jack Reese) new USA series, Mr. Robot, will premiere on 24 April.
Lily Tomlin’s (Deborah Fiderer) new movie, Grandma, will open this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival on 10 June.
A review of Alan Alda’s (Arnold Vinick) new film, The Longest Ride.
Elisabeth Moss (Zoey) pulled a great disappearing act. (The article’s author doesn’t appear to be a regular viewer; otherwise she’d realize Elisabeth was a recurring cast member.)
Suzy Nakamura (Cathy) is filming a pilot for ABC called Dr. Ken this coming Wednesday.

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. If anything was missed for this week, please let me know in comments. If you have a news tip during the week, please contact me directly so that I can include it.
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