Amanda (humascot97) wrote in west_wing_fans,

Taking Out the Trash for the week ending Mar 14, 2015

The Leadership Breakfast, or, if you need to apologize for something, do it yourself.
The real White House versus the TV version.
House of Cards needs to stop trying to be The West Wing.

Senior Staff
ESPN’s latest installment of 30 for 20: I Hate Christian Laettner, produced and narrated by Rob Lowe, will air on 15 March.
Allison Janney’s series, Mom, has been renewed for a third season.

Everybody Else
Connie Britton’s (Connie Tate) new film, Me and Earl and The Dying Girl, will now be released on 12 June.
Elisabeth Moss (Zoey) made the cover of this week’s Time Out New York.
Christian Slater (Lt. Cmdr. Jack Reese) has a crush on FX’s Archer. (Warning: video starts automatically)
Lily Tomlin (Deborah Fiderer) discusses the changing perceptions of women in comedy.
Alan Alda (Arnold Vinick) is embarrassed to admit that he’s never visited The Museum of Sex.
Steven Culp (Speaker Haffley) has been cast in the CW’s Arrow as a member of the Suicide Squad.
Joshua Malina (Will Bailey) has never been part of anything like Scandal.

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. If anything was missed for this week, please let me know in comments. If you have a news tip during the week, please contact me directly so that I can include it.
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