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Taking Out the Trash for the week ending Feb 7, 2015

The Portland Trip, or, never talk smack about POTUS’s alma mater.
The Doctor has a thing for the show. (Side note: can someone tell me where to get that shirt?)
The reviewer for The American President in Film and Television: Myth, Politics and Representation by Greg Frame appears to be a fan of the show.

Senior Staff
Aaron Sorkin’s new movie, Steve Jobs, has started filming.
Allison Janney will sit down with Miss Coco Peru for her Conversations With Coco series at LA’s LGBT Center on 7 Mar.
A review of Richard Schiff’s new movie, Take Me To The River.

Everybody Else
Elisabeth Moss (Zoey) discusses playing a feminist heroine in the upcoming revival of The Heidi Chronicles.
Gary Cole (Vice President Robert Russell) is returning to CBS’s The Good Wife.
Christian Slater (Lt. Cmdr. Jack Reese) has joined the cast of the movie, The Wife, which starts shooting this fall.
Mary-Louise Parker (Amy Gardner) has joined the cast of the independent comedy Chronically Metropolitan.
USA will air a behind-the-scenes look at Jason Isaac’s (Colin Ayres) new series, Dig, on 23 Feb.
Lisa Edelstein (Laurie) takes Entertainment Weekly’s Pop Culture Personality Test.
Oliver Platt (Oliver Babish) will have a story arc on CBS’s The Good Wife.
Lyn Paolo (costume designer) discusses Olivia Pope’s new style on ABC’s Scandal.

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. If anything was missed for this week, please let me know in comments. If you have a news tip during the week, please contact me directly so that I can include it.
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