Amanda (humascot97) wrote in west_wing_fans,

Taking Out the Trash for the week ending Jan 17, 2015

Beyond Josh Lyman: how the show miseducated a political generation.
The second annual Big Block of Cheese day will be on 21 Jan.
How to improve The Newsroom by swapping in the show’s cast.
In This White House, or, sometimes, the Gap dancer is the smartest one in the room.

Senior Staff
Allison Janney does a disco in-flight safety video.

Everybody Else
Danica McKellar (Elsie Snuffin) was part of a panel of math experts for Discovery.
Edward James Olmos (Justice Roberto Mendoza) will have a guest stint on ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..
Anna Devere Smith (Nancy McNally) will be a Theatre Master on 11 May at the Philadelphia Theatre Company.
What college professors can learn from Alan Alda (Sen. Arnold Vinick).

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. If anything was missed for this week, please let me know in comments. If you have a news tip during the week, please contact me directly so that I can include it.
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