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The West Wing Season 1 Unpopular Opinions

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As I said in my Mad Men Season 1 Unpopular Opinion Post, I'm trying to go through the Mad Men and TWW seasons to describe my unpopular opinions in each season. And as I said, TWW S1 went a little slowly because I've already written about my antipathy to Danny Concanon and my love for John Hoynes.

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Don't Forget!

Don't forget, tomorrow (October 20th) is Big Block of Cheese Day! I usually don't remember it until its past, but this year for some reason I remembered. I play to be sporting my Big Block of Cheese Day polo that I got from Cafe Press. No, I'm not shilling for them, but in case you're wondering where to get BBOC gear, here is a link.


I hope everyone has a happy Big Block of Cheese Day tomorrow!
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