Amanda (humascot97) wrote in west_wing_fans,

Taking Out the Trash for the period ending Jan 31, 2015

And It’s Surely to Their Credit, or, life in the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue.
The Lame-Duck Congress, or, how do you reach your full potential in a 2-page memo?

Senior Staff
John Wells’s new dramedy, Studio City, has been picked up by Fox.
Go behind the scenes of Rob Lowe’s latest iteration for Direct TV.

Everybody Else
ETOnline has an exclusive clip of Janeane Garafalo’s (Louise Thornton) new movie, A Little Game.
A trailer has been released for Jesse Bradford’s (Swimtern) new movie, Badge of Honor.
Joshua Malina (Will Bailey) discusses looming shirtless shots as an impetus to staying healthy.
John Goodman (GlenAllen Walken) will make his West End debut this April.
A preview video has been released for Matthew Perry’s (Joe Quincy) reboot of The Odd Couple.
Connie Britton’s (Connie Tate) new film, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, is a smash at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. If anything was missed for this week, please let me know in comments. If you have a news tip during the week, please contact me directly so that I can include it.
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